I’m a father of 2 and a Radiation Oncologist  who wanted document his journey toward “a good life”, in 3 senses of the phrase.  Like the album art from Rush -Moving Pictures, a triple entendre.

Rush Album

  1. A “Good Life” – As in “We’re livin’ the good life now baby!”, Financial independence,, Medical career fulfillment, Medical career issues, Work/life balance, Leisure time, Happiness, Tranquility.
  2. A “Good” Life – Being a good person and all that entails: Morality, Charity, Compassion, Mindfulness, Gratitude.
  3. “A Good Life” – The big question… What is the purpose of it all?  Toward living for the higher good, whatever that may be.  Hopefully I’ll get get some clarity with this blog.

My family and I have changed our lives as a result of  information gleaned from great blogs over the years, so I hope others learn from this blog in the same way.